Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Never mind who I am, I know who I am; so go to the Israelites and tell them that the one who is who he is sent me to you. My name is simply the one who exists despite what we may think of me - I am not constrained by endless titles, epithets, and qualities you may ascribe to me which are totally meaningless - I am who I am whether you know it or not!
That is my name and all you'll ever know.

So much meaningless verbiage has been spilt over God's true essence, as if we could presume to be able to define God in our terms with our finite minds. Our minds are simply too small to fathom, to impure to apprehend, and too frail to contain. As a candle next to the sun melts instantly so we instantly vanish at the awesomeness of God! We cannot look at God and live.

True humility involves us coming to terms with our mortal nature. Surrendering to the immortal and acknowledging that God is despite what we may think he is or is not should be or should not be or how he should run the universe. All our thoughts are lies - deaf and dumb idols - God is who he is.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Mark 16:1-8 in living koine

This is my reading of a passage from the Gospel of Mark in living koine - a system of pronunciation devised by Randall Buth. I think it is the most authentic form of the Greek extant in the days of Jesus and His apostles. Dr. Buth bases his research on findings mainly in linguistics, papyrology and inscriptions. It is a compromise between the academic 'Erasmian' system and modern Greek phonology.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Jesus is waiting at your door

There is still time - though it is running short;
Jesus still stands at the door of the heart and knocks.

Are you tired of the hamster wheel?
Are circumstances weighing you down?
Take His yoke upon you and learn from Him.

He is gentle and mild: religion enslaves,
spirituality blinds, philosophy wastes away,
and mysticism leads to nothing.

To follow Jesus is to find rest for your souls.
Time is short, life waits for no one:
Awake from stupor while it is still day!
Let the morning star dawn in your heart
as you pray: Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God,
Have mercy on me a sinner!